About Hvidovre Wind Turbine Cooperative

Here you can find a few informations in English about the Hvidovre Wind Turbine and the Cooperative. If you have any questions, you are welcome to write us at HVL2009@gmail.com

Hvidovre Wind Cooperative was established in November 2007. The Cooperative's turbine is placed just south of Avedøre Holme and is the turbine in the middle surrounded by two turbines owned by the company Ørsted.

The turbine has produced electricity since November 2009, and the 10.700 shares is owned by local citizens and other peoples interested in Renewable Energy.

The turbines are Siemens’ SWT-3.6-107 with a capacity of 3.6 MW.  The tower with its turbine housing stands at 93.5 meters.  With a rotor diameter of 120 meters, the overall height is approximately 155 meters.